About Us

Royal Elephants is a premium EVENT & WEDDING management & Production company founded by the super-talented event manager, Amritaa Khurana.

The name is derived from the royal Indian elephant, one that stands for strength, power and poise. Royal Elephants is everything you look for when you hire a wedding planner for your wedding. Royal Elephants has a professional team of experts who look into event planning, event execution and event designing. You can choose from an array of styles, palettes, themes, decor ideas and a host of premier event & wedding vendors that have a collaborative tie-up with Royal Elephants.

From helping you deciding on the decor and the cuisine to actually overseeing the production and execution of various programs – be it the reception dinner or the choreography sessions on your sangeeth, Royal Elephants can ideate, design, plan and seamlessly execute it all with a standard of sophistication that has made them the favourites of couples from all over the country.

With years of experience in planning and managing a variety of weddings for brides and grooms from different backgrounds and cultures, Amritaa Khurana has made a name for herself as a dependable wedding planner in Pune. So if you are on the lookout for a wedding planner who is creative, knowledgeable and is a great task master – they you ought to consider Royal Elephants as they are one of the best from the city.

Our Approach

Our approach is to provide our clients with an enjoyable, engaging event planning experience without sacrificing efficiency or effectiveness in the process. First, it begins with an idea. We work closely with each client to evaluate and improve current event programs or develop new event campaigns that ultimately reflect our clients' values and achieve their end goals and objectives.

With that mission in mind, we give our clients the ease of working with one key company. We take care of everything from conception to completion, from event budgeting and compliance, to the sourcing and management of a superior team of event professionals, to the development of event collateral, event décor, and more.

Our clients value our event expertise and professionalism, creative vision, and ability to understand and translate their event into something bigger and more powerful than imagined - for a resounding message that is altogether original, stimulating, and impactful.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy revolves exclusively around understanding our clients. Our aim is to identify their needs & fulfil their objectives.

We place paramount importance on producing entirely tailor made; original events & decor solutions.

What We Do ?

Event Production:Event Production is not EXACTLY the same as Event Management but, ealistically, a lot of the time, the two do overlap with us being involved in multiple areas to ensure an event is a success. The more we work with a client, the more this line becomes blurred and we become the first name on the team sheet for their events. Event Production tends to refer to the technical side of things like staging, lighting, sound equipment etc.

Event Management:A truly great event requires vision, collaboration, and a willingness to stretch beyond one’s comfort level to deliver dynamic, fresh solutions—on time and on budget. And that’s what we bring to the table, the stage and the screen. We handle small meetings, extravagant productions that pull out all the stops, and everything in between. Regardless of the size, we treat every project like it’s a big deal—because to our client it is. Again, it’s not about how big the budget is, but how big the idea is.

Event Design:Good event design stimulates and inspires. It gives form to the reasons for celebrating. Whether your occasion is annual or once-in-a-lifetime, extravagant or simple, we can help bring your vision to life through our Event Design Services.

About Amritaa Khurana

Her Experience :

Amritaa began her love affair with weddings few years ago while living in Pune. Her professional know-how includes around more than a decade of fruitful experience in event planning & design. With an academic background in Law, Certification in Wedding Planning, Interior Design & Decoration; Amritaa always had the passion for planning & styling weddings & events.

Her Style:

Uniquely Indian! What does that mean? It means fresh, artistic, stylish, glamorous and most importantly a ‘Fusion’ of contemporary & traditional.

Her Attributes:

Amritaa’s expertise, professionalism and dedication to the contentment of her clients will ensure that any event she produces will be of the utmost distinction. Known for her incredible attention to detail and highly organized and proactive approach to planning, coupled with unparalleled creativity and professionalism; she is well versed in traditional weddings, exceptional wedding decorations & styling.