Event production

Event Production is not EXACTLY the same as Event Management but, realistically, a lot of the time, the two do overlap with us being involved in multiple areas to ensure an event is a success. The more we work with a client, the more this line becomes blurred and we become the first name on the team sheet for their events. Event Production tends to refer to the technical side of things like staging, lighting, sound equipment etc.

Event management

A truly great event requires vision, collaboration, and a willingness to stretch beyond one’s comfort level to deliver dynamic, fresh solutions—on time and on budget. And that’s what we bring to the table, the stage and the screen.

We handle small meetings, extravagant productions that pull out all the stops, and everything in between. Regardless of the size, we treat every project like it’s a big deal—because to our client it is. Again, it’s not about how big the budget is, but how big the idea is.

Event design

Good event design stimulates and inspires. It gives form to the reasons for celebrating. Whether your occasion is annual or once-in-a-lifetime, extravagant or simple, we can help bring your vision to life through our Event Design Services.

We work closely with each client to custom design colour and texture palettes, décor and florals, furniture, and space/flow layouts for a spectacular vision. Working within fire, venue, and safety codes, we visually communicate these design ideas through idea boards, renderings and mock display setups.

All our designers are professional set designers with embraced reputation in the industry.