What We Do

“We are a full service agency specializing in event design & delivery.”


We are known for planning and executing events to a meticulous level of detail. We are experienced in supporting our client’s throughout the planning process and ensure that every element of an event is delivered to the highest standard & smoothly executed.


Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary look, suspended installations or bespoke tables; our event design team will work with you to make your vision a reality, ranging from experiential events to fine dining and luxury weddingsto corporate events.


Design at ROYAL ELEPHANTS is supported by a spectrum of production and technical services, ranging from lighting to audiovisual, draping to set design and digital integration to styling. We are a full service agency equipped to produce the most creative and technically advanced event experiences. We have an acute knowledge of unique venues across India and beyond, and offer guidance, services and solutions to ensure your experience is produced to the highest quality; be it National or International Event.


Dramatic and Delicious are our key ingredients. Working with leading chefs and catering team, we serve food and drink of the finest quality, taking inspiration from culinary trends and seasonal sensations. Our Mixologists & Flare artists will set a different tone to your event with their creativity.


Whether you require a room to be dressed, a stage to be set or an invitation to be designed & hand delivered, we have a dedicated style and design team to accommodate any type of requirement. Our design work is known for its attention to detail and high-end luxury finish. We love to explore the new, but cherish long-serving traditions in equal measure.

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