Our Team

Royal Elephants is everything you look for when you hire an event planner for your event; be it a Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday or a Corporate Event.

Our team of professionals with more than a decade full of experience in the events industry, has planned, executed and managed a wide variety of both social celebrations and corporate functions from simplistic elegance to sophisticated grandeur.

Our Approach…

Our approach is to provide our clients with an enjoyable, engaging event planning experience without sacrificing efficiency or effectiveness in the process. First, it begins with an idea. We work closely with each client to evaluate and improve current event programs or develop new event campaigns that ultimately reflect our clients’ values and achieve their end goals and objectives.

With that mission in mind, we give our clients the ease of working with one key company.

Our Philosophy…

Our philosophy revolves exclusively around understanding our clients. Our aim is to identify their needs & fulfil their objectives. We place paramount importance on producing entirely tailor made; original events & decor solutions.

Best & Brightest Event Team in Pune

Our Core Team:

Royal Elephants have a diverse team, each offering expert knowledge in their field. From Event Strategy Planning, Destination Event Planning, Design, Budgeting, to Comprehensive Marketing and Branding expertise; we bring the most current, innovative and professional market experts’.

Our amazing team consists of professionals with decades of experience in both Wedding & Event planning industry. Our Food & Beverage vertical consists of Town’s best Head Chef’s & FnB experts.

Our Acoustics team comprises of Experienced Senior Event technicians.


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