Royal Elephant

Sustainable Events


We love our planet, and want to do what we can to help protect it, plain and simple. Our mission is to connect with earth-conscious people and provide them with better alternative to harmful and wasteful event practices.

We’re making practical, eco-friendly changes wherever we can. In our role as event suppliers, we know our carbon footprint is larger than most. It’s incredibility important to us that we limit this in the long term, both for ourselves and on the behalf of our clients.

Going beyond the idea of corporate responsibility, we all have a shared responsibility as people to make sustainability a priority wherever possible. We want our clients and partners to feel comfortable knowing they’re working with an agency who’s making sustainable choices.

We offer a fully sustainable event management service. Where we put together your event while minimizing the impact it has on the environment. Most importantly ensuring we don’t compromise on client requirements or add additional costs to your event.

We offer full sustainable event management services including sustainable venue dressing and work with food banks and community fridges.



A common misconception about sustainability in events is that it adds cost. This is far from the truth: with proper planning, you can actually save money! To create a more sustainable event, we carefully manage and assess every aspect that goes into your event:


  • Responsible Venue Sourcing.
  • Effective Venue Design,
  • Smart Communication.
  • Sustainable Transport & Logistics Solution.
  • Sustainable Supplier Choices
  • Sustainable catering solutions


Our ‘Sustainable Event’ management is woven into every aspect of our planning including: site selection, zero waste management, carbon accounting, and post-event sustainability reporting. Green initiatives save time, money and reduce risk. Better yet, the attendee experience is enhanced. There is no added cost, it is who we are and what we do.