Seasonal color Trends for Wedding-2017
Seasonal color Trends for Wedding-2017
May 20, 2017
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Wedding Planner – Who, What & How?

Wedding Planner - Who, What & How

Wedding planning at first seems to be easy but actually, it’s not. It involves deadlines, budgeting and a list of endless tasks which required to be worked upon in limited time with attention details. It is a stressful task, where you want to do everything at its best.
How about delegating this task to somebody who is professional & manages it in a better way? Sounds Good!!!
They will help in finalizing the wedding theme, guest list, venue, catering, photographer & most important letting you complete the shopping on time. They are many wedding planners in Pune who are available for this work.
But before you hand-over the task to the wedding planner, some points need to be kept in mind. Here we are trying to list down some points as for how to select the best wedding planner.


1. The First discussion –

Speak to them to check what all different services they are providing and are they matching your requirement. How easy they are in listening to your requirements and how they are responding to them? The answer to these questions will set the tone between both. If they are only putting their designed services on you without customization, then say a BIG NO. They need to be easy with people as wedding involves mouths of many & ear of one.


2. Do they understand your Religion & culture –

Have you given enough details about your religion & culture, so as they can plan the pre-wedding, wedding & post wedding day ceremonies accordingly? As a wedding planner, it is their duty to ensure nothing should be missed on the part of a religious & cultural ceremony.


3. Budget-

This is one factor which will affect all of your decisions at every step. A wedding planner should ensure to have a detailed discussion with the customer so as to understand their budget and limitations. This should be done as a very first step at an early stage.


4. Ceremonies & Functions –

Try to list down the functions which need to be planned and covered. As wedding is the series of functions, which involves dance, music, drama, food and lot of enjoyment, everybody wants to feel and enjoy every second of the wedding and wants to make it an unforgettable experience.


5. Venues-

Are you planning an in-house wedding or a destination wedding? Is planner having different options available with them to choose from? Deciding the venue for a wedding can be sometimes tricky. The different venue will involve different prices, tax and service charges, so it needs to be selected as per budget & requirement.
On the day when planner shows his magical skills of manageability and help in turning a dream into reality, wedding photographers in Pune will help you to capture each and every moment.
Every wedding is different and unique. To make these two words true for the family is the responsibility of the wedding planner. Wedding planners deals with the teething troubles and hiccups in a cool and calm way and find the ways to resolve the concerns