Why wedding planner aren’t just for celebrities
Why wedding planner aren’t just for celebrities
March 27, 2017
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Skin care tips for Bride to be
April 25, 2017
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Top trendy wedding themes of 2017

The wedding is a gala occasion and reflects the heights of indulgent celebrations through the heavy congregations and hospitality, customs and fervor, aesthetics and glam and all sorts of goodness to enjoy the happy union of two as a couple for life! With such description for an occasion, the significance of it could not be downplayed at all and therefore generations throughout the past have remained enthusiastic to make the wedding functions grand and exotic. In the modern world, growing prosperity and the zeal to enjoy has allowed for more concepts inclusion and exposition of creativity with brilliant innovations of diversity. Theme weddings reflect the exotic concepts that have emerged demanded because of these offer to add a specialty and novel element in the entire wedding occasion. Wedding event management companies in Pune and other leading cities of India have been offering theme wedding makeover where a unique appeal prevails throughout and makes the event special to remember for life! Here are the top wedding theme trends in India that have seen much requisitioning.

The fairy-tale wedding

A fairytale wedding shows up a utopian ambience where everything appears to be imported from the fairy world. The idea is to present a dream set up where bride shows up as the lead fairy dressed like one and accompanied by her prince charming – the groom! The bride can also choose to adore the get up of a mermaid while receiving the guests. The guests also come dressed similar to add up to the beauty and theme. The decoration of the wedding place is really attractive and mostly in white and lighter hues, & the guests feel mesmerized. Wedding event management companies in Pune make special catering arrangements at such weddings and the food menus are studded with fairy specialties and heavenly foods like fresh cheeses, wines, fruits and exotic breads to savour.


Bollywood wedding

In India, Bollywood style wedding is much demanded because cinema is a big craze here and rules the mind of everyone. With people almost worshipping their film stars, they feel really excited to live the same feel and adopt the get up of their favorite icons. In Bollywood wedding, the most distinguished feature is the guests showing up dressed as the famous characters of the films. A gaudy extravaganza is thus developed! Top event management company in Pune offers to make specialty Bollywood film set up for the wedding occasions.

bollywood themed wedding

The peacock wedding themes

Peacock wedding theme generally involves decoration with the peacock feathers which add exotic colorful vibrancy. Everything is decorated in the same pattern and dancing peacock designs could be seen in the background. Wedding planners are using artificial feathers in large numbers to decorate the event holistically.

peacock themed wedding in Pune

Jungle wedding

This is truly rustic and fewer couples choose to make a jungle wedding! The planners recommend booking an extensive jungle cottage that has sprawling lawns. The entire event is built there and in the backdrop, one can find the wild woods and dense vegetation cover.

jungle themed wedding in Pune

Chic and modern type wedding

This wedding theme could be called as cosmopolitan as here we find the modern icons and style getting prominent while the customs and traditions are curbed to a minimum, if not abandoned.

chic & modern wedding decoration themed wedding in Pune

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