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August 13, 2016
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The importance of having a guest list and how to verify the number of guests.


The importance of having a guest list and how to verify the number of guests.

Indian weddings are not just a celebration of love between two people; it is a celebration of love among family and friends. You can expect your average Indian wedding to be filled with fun, family, friends and overall festivity. Indian weddings are a family oriented event, so the guest list can get steep. But it’s important to determine the guest list; how big or small you want to have your wedding.

Following Guidelines will help you with drawing a proper guest list:

  • Only invite current friends. If you haven't talked to somebody in more than a year, or don't stay in current contact via email, skip them. Being Facebook friends does not qualify you for a wedding invitation.
  • If you live in the same city as the potential invitees and don’t see them outside of events organized by mutual friends, then you shouldn’t invite them. These are not your friends; these are your friends’ friends.
  • No children are invited unless they are actual wedding party participants or close family. You pay for kids just like you pay for adults (per person), and it adds up quickly.
  • Don't invite anyone from work unless it's an obligation or a good friend. Guest lists are often pumped up by well-meaning couples who don't want to leave out any of the seven partners they report to, all of whom would probably have preferred not to receive the invite in the first place.
  • Depending on how small you want to keep your guest list, you can always invite your friends only and tell your parents that it's "family only" for their lists.
  • The absolute best, sure-fire way to keep your wedding guest list under control is to have a destination wedding. Someplace that neither you nor your fiancé, nor either set of your families, lives. That ensures that only the people you want to have with you on your big day will come so far to celebrate with you.