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Skin care tips for bride to be

The bride is the center of attraction at any wedding and every one admires her beauty and charm as she participates in various ceremonies. However, this also builds pressure on her to ensure that every dimension of her beauty is properly worked and there is no incompleteness of any kind! Among all the things, her skin complements hugely to her beauty and therefore she is very concerned about optimizing the texture and glow through all good means as she prepares for the big day of her life. While skin care has emerged as a specialty segment in it and there is a whole range of cosmetic products in the market, a bride preparing for her wedding should be very cautious about using any new product with which she has no previous experience or any reviews from the friends. Hence the time tested tips and counsels are always good, says the beautician who is engaged with the best event management company in Pune. She offered the following skin care and beauty tips for every bride to be.

1. Develop a cleansing routine

Never neglect the general cleansing routine that you follow. In fact, this is the most fundamental component of skin care and beauty. You should at least consider cleaning your face skin twice a day to remove the dirt and moisture that settles deep in the skin. This dirt and moisture as also oils (sebum) is the cause of pimples and acne and hence proper cleaning averts their occurrence. Honey and lemon juice mixture is considered as the best natural cleanser and you can prepare it yourself. Lemon offers safe mild bleaching action while honey is full of antioxidants.

2. Maintain adequate moisture in the skin

You need to keep your skin moist so that it acquires a supple and soft feel and look. For this, rely on good quality moisturizer which you trust. The noted beautician who has fine experience in luxury wedding beauty services says that it is better to go for aloevera based moisturizers as these offer to sooth the skin tissues and keep them well hydrated for long.

3. Eat healthy foods while maintaining your diet plan

Never miss on this component as your food is intrinsically linked to the health of your skin and the results could show up as early as 2 – 5 days. Keep your food healthy even if you are not eating much as part of your diet plan. You need to ensure that all the essential nutrients and vitamins are present in your foods.

4. Apply under eye cream

Apply a good trusted under eye cream every night when you go to bed. This would eliminate the undue dark circles and fine lines present near your eyes.

5. Take special care of your feet and underarms

Your skin should look equally beautiful at these places too! Take care to moisturize your feet & have an authentic pedicure done. Underarms dark skin could be treated with any quality skin rejuvenating spray.

6. Exfoliation through mild scrubbing

Scrub mildly your body so as to allow exfoliation of the dead skin cells and you will find a glow and shine due to the development of new healthy cells.Luxury wedding beautician recommends avoiding harsh sunlight exposure prior to your wedding.