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Best destination Wedding venues in India
May 12, 2017
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Wedding Planner – Who, What & How?
May 26, 2017
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Seasonal color Trends for Wedding-2017

When you talk about the wedding, many things start getting flooded in your mind i.e. different functions, dance, food, beautiful dresses and mesmerizing decoration & ambience of the wedding venue. Above all, color is one of the common things that lies and plays a vital role in décor & attires. Selecting the best color, which is not only suitable for your personality but also gels well with your wedding season is important as it will leave a strong snapshot in the minds of the people who attend it.  Event management companies in Pune offers a variety of colorful themes which will add an extra edge to your wedding.


Here we try to list down some colorful themes or trends which can be followed to add bliss to your wedding.


Say “Hello Spring” – Add glow with sophisticated and radiant colors

peach color wedding decoration

Colors of this season can be varied from white, navy, lime green, winter white, silver, and peach. They are cool as they add the refreshment and burst to your attire and decor. These clean and soft colors belong to sophisticated packs and will make your big day an ideal and fresh. Turquoise or violet, plum or champagne are spirited and playful quaint, fancy and creates a perfect combo for lovely spring evening gathering. These colors create a natural thinking and an enchanting experience.

Lavender, the cream rose, ocean, blue or latte – you will feel warm and salty as these colors are awakening and refreshing. Monaco, rainforest or carnation will add a great and gorgeous time. These complementary combinations of colors speak themselves on wedding celebrations.


Splashing Season summer – Inspire yourself with complementary and harmonious color bursts

pink color wedding  decoration

Ashwood, latte, custom turquoise or tangerine sugar, ivory, custom blue, teaberry colors add contemporary appeal. Teaberry pink will always remain favorite for wedding occasion due to its soft nature. Always add the neutral colors in your wedding designs as they come out to be modern yet classic. While a bright color plays an important role, but adding neutral will tone the approach of your plan. Wedding Planners in Pune is having best options available with them.

Mint, champagne, Orchid, the cream rose, flamingo mint, azalea, carrot, celery, and custom brown continues to be very cheerful and trendy colors. These can be paired with pastels to become more refreshing. They create a restful and calming mood while remaining playful and romantic. They give the feeling of joy and love.


Autumn – Season full of emotions to fall over heels!!!

skyblue color wedding decoration

Tan, lime, grey, violet, coral, green or blue, burgundy, ivory, golden, yellow, orange, peach, orchid, pink and brown – They all make classic combos which have the freshly modern make-over. Pairing these can’t go wrong as they are delicate, romantic and rustic. Burgundy and ocean sugar will give a soft, romantic & rustic look but delicate edge to your wedding. Mixing green with coral will comes out to be gorgeous and elegant. Orange or golden will add a richness and warmth of festive and fun. Cool lime or custom blue will give a stunning and unexpected glamorous look.


Winter – Be ready to get cozy with these wondrous and dazzling colors.

red white color wedding decoration

Brown, peach, beige, silver, strawberry, coral, green, latte, carnation, slate, marigold, ivory, navy, white and chocolate – go snowy and dreamy with these inspired color palettes. Strawberry adds an instant life and gives the stunning gorgeous statement to your style. Ivory, red or navy look cool and give warm romantic vibes and you feel beloved. Marigold adds sunshine and warmth whereas shades of brown and green keep you natural and smooth. Winter requires exquisite, relaxing and refreshing color combinations with a natural touch.

No matter what color you select for your attire and decor, keep in mind that it should match your personality and follow the pattern of simplicity.