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Planning Birthdays!!


Planning Birthdays!!

Birthdays, without doubt, are one of the most awaited occasions every year. Preparations and plannings begin long before the actual day is anywhere near the corner. This day gets positive ticks on all the right marking of it being an exciting, happy and glorious day. It marks the celebration of life and it marks the appreciation of someone’s presence in this world and people’s lives. So what is the best way to have birthdays tucked under Mother Nature’s arm, so that this day is not only beautiful in its occasion but also in its decoration ? The answer lies in that dainty, yet exquisite creation of flowers, an absolute favorite and something no one, ever, goes wrong with.

So which ones does a person gift and how does one go about it ??

One must keep in mind, always, when it comes to flowers, that each flower is symbolic about something. They mark the significance of events, the mood of occasions and also heart felt feelings. Therefore, one must be careful about what flowers to gift on a birthday and what to use to deck up the birthday arena.

Be it any age group, flowers are a safe bet. The tricky part is getting the right flowers which not only suit the setting but also have a burst of life in their colour.

Children usually have their eyes set on toys and the likes of it and don’t find themselves attracted to flowers unless they get to pluck the petals and run around in circles having them as showers. So flowers usually don’t do it for them but if you really do want to give them flowers, play with colour and safe bets, the kind they can connect to like sunflowers and daffodils. Keep in mind that these flowers might become the ultimate shredding stuff for the boys but at the same time be the tiaras, the little girls play with as they live their dream princess lives.

Adoloscents or teenagers tend to stick to stereotypical gender and societal decided gifts. Flowers really do not do it for this age group, especially for the boys. The girls can still be made happy with lilies, lilacs and roses, the kind every romantic adolescent wishes for and swoons on the inside, on receiving.

Adults, are the best crowd to gift flowers to. For one, they accept it graciously and also because they understand the value of these on birthdays. The best flowers to give on this special occasion arecarnations, gladiolas, lilies of the valley, roses and orchids. Flowers usually exude a feminie grace and are always categorised as gifts to women, so it is a bit out of the box to gift flowers to men, but that doesn’t mean men do not appreciate this gift.

When it comes to gifting men flowers, the best ones are tulips, violets, petunias and dogflowers. These are not only cheerful and bright and vivid in their appearance but also gentle on the eyes and therefore the perfect ensemble. Women love flowers. Period. Any and all kinds of flowers will make them squeal and jump in delight. Therefore, flowers as a birthday gift are the best thing they can be gifted. Whether they be your lover or your friend, peonies, roses, lilies of the valley, orchids and carnations are perfect.

So shine and stand out and make a mark by gifting the perfect flowers for the birthday occasion and don’t hold back. Celebrate life and celebrate the beauty of it with the most beautiful yet fragile creations !!