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How to Spruce up an ugly wedding venue…


How to Spruce up an ugly wedding venue...

Are finances causing your bride to settle for the less than perfect venue? Maybe her parents are footing the bill and determined to have the reception in the old church hall or in a not-so-nice event center. Whatever circumstance leaves your clients with a less than desirable venue, don’t panic. If the ugly duckling can turn into a beautiful swan, that unattractive venue can be transformed into their storybook wedding without breaking the bank. All it takes is a bit of imagination and inspiration. And probably some perspiration.

The Important Things

Some couples have their weddings inside an underground cavern. I mention this because, although it isn’t what most would consider a perfect setting for a wedding ceremony, it does have a “Wow” factor that people will remember for a long time. You too can create that “Wow” factor with any less-than-perfect venue.

Down the road, your client’s family and guests won’t remember the venue nearly as much as they remember the great food, the fun entertainment and the company of friends they experienced the ceremony with. Those are the memories your clients will cherish. If the venue is ugly or even just dark or boring, make the other areas shine. Serve a fabulous meal, provide unique and fun entertainment and make the guest tables look fabulous.

Here are a few ideas for sprucing up a less than desirable venue:

  • Spend time brainstorming ideas while inside the venue with your clients. Take photos so your idea storming sessions can continue at your office. With some lead time and input from your clients (and from the florist), you might be surprised by what you can do without spending a whole lot of money.
  • Part of your brainstorming session should include how to bring out the best in the venue. Work with what is available. Are the ceilings low? Look for ways to take advantage of the cozy feel. Is the lighting bad? Perhaps running strings of light along the walls and ceilings will brighten it up. Are the walls drab? Fix this by spacing bright centerpieces along the walls that will draw the eyes.
  • Use chair covers to give an elegant touch while hiding the unsightly but usable seats already at the venue. Or if the budget allows, rent new chairs.
  • Rent drapes to put in front of the existing venue drapes.
  • Drape areas of the walls or ceilings with fabric. Accent them with up-lighting.
  • Use eye catching centerpieces and colorful linens to draw attention away from bleak areas and focus on the guest tables.
  • Cover floors with fabric, rented carpet, or a rented wood floor covering.
  • Scatter flower petals along the floor or walkways to guide your guests along the way.
  • Use plants and flower arrangements liberally. You may even look into renting trees and potted plants from a nursery to further enhance that natural feel.

A Place for Making Memories

Spend time thinking about the kind and location of wedding and reception photos your clients will want. Mention the situation and venue to the photographer so they can bring the appropriate equipment such as extra lighting for a dark room. You may want to suggest that your clients take all of their photos at a local park or garden setting instead of inside the venue.

A little bit of inspiration and creativity can go a long way towards make a less-than-perfect venue become a beautiful backdrop for your client’s wedding day. What ideas have you used to spruce up a venue for your clients? Please share them in the comments below.