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Do you need a wedding planner?


Do you need a wedding planner?

We’ve heard it hundreds of times from brides, “the venue is giving me a wedding planner” and we want to clarify what that truly means. Yes, it is great that the venue provides what they call “a wedding planner,” but that person is NOT a wedding planner. They are the event coordinator for the hotel, which means they will make sure that your event is staffed and runs according to the schedule that you contracted months in advance. They are responsible for ensuring that the venue provides the services outlined in your contract such as food, servers and the setup of tables and chairs. They will leave shortly after the meal is served.

Long story short:

An event coordinator/planner from the venue is looking out for the best interest of the venue.

A wedding coordinator/planner looks out for the best interest of YOU.

We believe everyone should have a day of coordinator for their wedding day to oversee their wedding events and ensure that everything runs smoothly. After all, you only have one wedding day and you want to remember a stress free day filled with loved ones and family, not dealing with issues that came up from vendors etc. Another little tip that your friends are not going to tell you (but we will), staying up until 1am to finalize details for you or putting together wedding favors is not why they came. Still not sure which service is right for you? Take a look at our questions below:

If you answer yes to majority of questions below, then a day of coordinator is the person for you:

  • You want to enjoy your wedding day without having to manage your vendors
  • You have found all your wedding vendors on your own
  • Negotiated and finalized all your contracts
  • You want your friends and family to enjoy and celebrate with you not run around organizing your event
  • Have details that you would like to have someone oversee (setup and breakdown of items, help vendors and events run on schedule)
  • Would like someone to help facilitate your wedding day schedule and keep everything moving smoothly
  • Need someone to create a detailed timeline for you and your vendors
  • Have someone to be the point person for your vendors and manage any issues should they arise If you answer yes to a majority questions below, then a wedding planner is the person for you:
  • Are you planning a wedding far away from where you live?
  • Have a gruelling work schedule?
  • Not the most organized person or are you known for being a procrastinator?
  • Don’t do well in stressful situations?
  • Don’t have the time to plan a wedding?
  • Need help creating a cohesive vision and look for your wedding day?
  • Need someone to do the legwork and give you options ready to go?