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8 Best Bridal Jewellery Designers In India You Must Stalk For Your Wedding

8 Best Bridal Jewellery Designers In-India-You-Must-Stalk-For-Your-Wedding

8 Best Bridal Jewellery Designers In India You Must Stalk For Your Wedding

No matter what community or culture the bride belongs to, the right jewellery always completes her look. In India, jewellery shopping begins much before the wedding and continues even after the big day. The variety is huge- from gold and silver to platinum, and from diamonds to semi-precious gems. Indian brides (and their mothers and mothers-in-law) leave no stone unturned to ensure that they flaunt the best jewellery.

There are a lot of things to look forward to while planning for your big day, but trust us, choosing the perfect jewellery is the most important one. To make your job easier, we have for you the most sought-after and popular names to look for while choosing your wedding jewellery.

1. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ)

Mumbai-based TBZ are probably one of the oldest and most experienced when it comes to jewellery. They have been the jewellery giants since 1864, and are are known for their quality, apart from their constant experiments in design and style. They also offer custom-made jewellery for brides, for the wedding and other ceremonies as well, thereby making their collections valuable and very exclusive at the same time.

2. Poonam Soni

Poonam Soni is amongst the first few jewellery designers in the country who added glamour to the jewellery making business. Starting in 1989, she revolutionised Indian jewellery by creating exclusive bespoke pieces. Her wedding jewellery collection is inspired by Indian history and royalty. Her signature pieces include a lot of colour with the use of gemstones, and the most popular collections include the Mughal Collection. She would be the perfect choice if you are a trendy young bride, who wishes to go beyond the traditional jewellery.

3. Asha Kamal Modi

Asha’s jewellery line, Art Karat, is the right choice for you if you are the one who likes to blend the traditional with the contemporary. She has been one of the leading jewellery designers since her launch in 1988. Her creations have been adorned by the leading ladies in movies like Devdas, Kamasutra and Monsoon Wedding. She was among the firsts to actually introduce a jewellery line especially for the brides. Most of her jewellery takes inspiration from nature.

4. Amrapali Jewels

One of the foremost names when it comes to buying jewellery, Amrapali Jewels reflects true Indian heritage and history in every piece they create. If you love antiques, history, mythology and the mystical, Amrapali is for you. They specialise in creating statement pieces, as much as they do in restoring the conventional heavy, yellow gold necklaces. A goddess-like charm is guaranteed if you choose this name.

5. Farah Khan Ali

Celebrity designer Farah Khan Ali’s jewellery collections boast of diamonds, kundan, polki, white and yellow gold, platinum- you name it and she has it! Farah can easily be called a bride’s ‘fairy godmother’, given the way her beautiful jewellery transforms the brides. Although her bridal lines have jewellery for the head to toe, her most exquisite pieces are rings and earrings.

6. Maheep Kapoor

Maheep is a popular name among Mumbai’s glitterati, and her jewellery has been spotted on many known names including Bipasha Basu, Shilpa Shetty and Kareena Kapoor Khan. Maheep’s exquisite work on metals and diamonds makes her a favourite among stylish young women. Apart from diamonds, she works extensively on emeralds and rubies, and often takes inspiration from the Mughal era.

7. Gili

Gili should be your preferred choice if you are looking for fine diamonds and gold jewellery. Most of their jewellery pieces are inspired by the four elements- earth, wind, air and water, making their theme-based collections unique.

8. Tanishq

Wedding jewellery by Tanishq is understated as well as powerful in its design concept. This jewellery powerhouse has been adding beauty to bridal jewels for over a decade and has produced some stunning wedding pieces that are extremely pleasing to the eye. Their USP lies in the fact that they have retained the ‘Indianness’ in the core of every piece.